Search Engine Optimisation Barcelona

Is your website listed well on Google, or any of the other search engines? Even if you have a nicely designed website, you won’t get the results you want if your website is appearing way down the list of pages on Google. Most people worldwide use Google for internet searches, so it’s important for your website to return good results and that means being on the first page.

I am a website designer, and as well as designing websites for clients I design and build them for myself. During several years I’ve gained experience of how to optimise websites and target key words to achieve good results on the main search engines. Earnings from my own websites rely on those sites being found amongst the millions that are out there on the web.

I offer search engine optimisation and website positioning for small- to medium-sized businesses, for personal sites and blogs.

SEO services for your website

If your website is not performing how you want it to, then you need SEO.

  1. As a web designer and web promoter, I see both sides of the picture and can design your new website to be search engine friendly, and can then help you with a search engine promotional campaign to get your site noticed.
  2. If you have an existing website, I can analyse your site and give you feedback on what needs to be done to improve your search engine rankings and Google page rank.
  3. If necessary I can redesign and rebuild your website – for example if you have a Flash website you need to change how your site is built or at least incorporate some non-Flash pages. Flash websites don’t get results on search engines. Unfortunately, many websites are built with only design in mind, and this means your site may need to be completely redesigned (in the worst case scenario).
  4. The page title tags and meta descriptions of your pages will most probably need to be replaced, header tags need to be reviewed, and the content of your site may need to be edited to incorporate keywords (taking into account keyword density).
  5. I can implement a project of optimising your website pages, add additional website pages if necessary, doing key word and key phrase research and analysing what your competitors are doing.
  6. I will build incoming links to your site – Inbound text links to your site are vital for your google page rank. However, it’s important to gain links from reputable sites so that you have a good link reputation, rather than simply getting as many inbound links as possible.
  7. Search engine optimisation is also about directing visitors through your website and focusing on your most wanted response – what do you want website visitors to do? Buy a product, subscribe to your newsletter, contact you, etc. For this reason it’s very important to have clear and consistent navigation throughout your site. I can recommend changes to your navigation if it’s necessary.
  8. I will create an up-to-date sitemap for your website so that people and search engine spiders can easily access all the pages on your site.
  9. Set up statistics so you can understand where traffic is coming from, which keywords are bringing visitors to your site and how those visitors are navigating through your site.
  10. I can give you advice on how to continue to optimise and promote your site yourself.

Keyword research

Keyword research involves learning about your business, analysing keywords for your website, and working out which keywords and key phrases to target to get the best results. In many cases it’s better to target niche keywords rather than broad terms.

Social networking

Social networking is an important part of promoting your website. I can set up a Facebook account for you which includes a Facebook page for your business, and start a Twitter account, for example.

Links for users to easily share and bookmark your website via social networking sites can be added to your website pages.

My SEO approach

Each website is different and targets different markets – I give every website an individual approach. I don’t use search engine submission tools and I won’t use any suspect methods to try to improve the ranking of your site.

Can I guarantee your website will be number 1 on Google?

No, is the simple answer. But I can improve your website and its positioning. Website optimisation is not something that you can fully control. Competitor sites are constantly being updated and optimised, search engine optimisation techniques change and evolve, and Google changes its algorithm for giving search results on a regular basis. SEO is an ongoing process.

Cost of SEO

The cost of running an SEO campaign depends on your website – how much work is needed to optimise it. It also depends on the market that you’re in – the more competitive the market the more work is required.

If you would like a quote for SEO for your website please contact me. I offer two packages:

  1. Analysing your current website, optimising all your pages, including navigation, keywords, page titles, header tags, meta descriptions, sitemap.
  2. All of the above with a follow-up campaign to promote your site, including build incoming links, adding your site to search engines and directories, promoting via social networking, etc.