WordPress Website Design Barcelona

WordPress is a free content management system that most people use to create blogs, but in fact WordPress is so versatile it can be used to create beautiful portfolio websites, websites for business, websites with multiple user log-ins, and it’s ideal for website owners who what to update their own site but don’t have the skills to design a site themselves. What’s more, the WordPress software is free.

There are two options for using WordPress. Firstly, you can use one of WordPress’ default templates and host your website at WordPress. This option makes it very easy for anyone to quickly and easily create a website or blog, however, you are limited to templates that many other people are using, and your domain or website address will be: mysitename.wordpress.com – not the most professional solution if you’re launching a business.

The second option is to install WordPress on your own domain and build a custom WordPress design. This is where MAXIMA Graphics can help you. We can take care of the installation and build you a WordPress template or theme, which allows you to get on with developing your blog or website business.

Advantages of using WordPress

Wordpress CMS designWordPress is very simple to use software. To update a WordPress site you don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML, just log-in to an online control panel where you can access all existing content and easily edit and add new pages.

Because WordPress is open source software there are many developers contributing to the improvement of the software and adding functionality by creating plug-ins. There are literally hundreds of plug-ins, and they can add such things as a photo gallery, ecommerce, and protect your website against spam, to name but a few.

WordPress is search engine friendly – it gives you full control of page title tags, meta and the structure of your page URLs. WordPress is state-of-the-art web publishing software whatever you want your website to achieve.

Why use MAXIMA Graphics for WordPress?

WordPress for businessWe have experience of building and developing WordPress websites and we can offer you customised WordPress themes at a great price.

We make sure that every one of your web pages are optimised for search engines – not only will you have a good looking site, the search engines will find it too.  Learn more about our search engine optimisation service.